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Facts, facts, facts – why simulate at all?


3D-simulation is now a fixture in the industry. Everyone says that all companies should simulate at last. But why? There are clear arguments for this:


Simulation saves time! In every step of the development process. All of the trades involved can work simultaneously on the same model and upload and download the CAD data bidirectionally to and from industrialPhysics. Hence, the first virtual model is checked continuously for feasibility during the entire creation phase. On completion of the model the next time-saving step – the virtual commissioning – is available. The planned machine is virtually brought to life, checked, varied and perfected. Only then does the completion of the machine start. This approach saves up to 75 percent of the commissioning time (see FAQ on industrialPhysics).


Through simulation it is possible to significantly improve the performance and quality of the machines. The risks for man and machine are also lowered, for example, through collision protection calculations. In addition, investments can be secured at an early stage.


In the simulated model, changes can be made as often as one likes until the optimum result is obtained. This can be implemented quickly, safely and inexpensively.


The industrialPhysics simulation software accompanies your machine from the first idea to the real commissioning. We guarantee complete process consistency.

Lowering of costs

The costs of manufacturing a machine can be lowered considerably with simulation software. In a field study, machineering came to the conclusion that the costs can be lowered by up to 40 percent.

Possible tools for implementation

Various tools are available to the company for the implementation of the virtual commissioning. In the evaluation, the critical points should always be the goals that a company is pursuing and the departments that are integrated in the virtual commissioning process. One simulation software that supports companies along the entire added value chain, including CAD integration, controller connection, robotics, drives and VR/AR, is industrialPhysics. However, there are also various stand-alone solutions.

Machineering offers interested parties an evaluation matrix so that they can clearly work out possible requirements. If need be, please contact us at

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