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Virtual commissioning with iPhysics:
next-level planning and development

iPhysics ist eine physikbasierte 3D-Simulationssoftware mit Echtzeitfähigkeit für die virtuelle
Inbetriebnahme VIBN mechatronischer Anlagen und ein ganzheitliches, digitales Engineering.
Durch die innovative Simulationstechnologie lassen sich komplexe Anlagen und Roboter
schnell und einfach simulieren und Testläufe der erstellten SPS-Programmierung genauestens
überprüfen. In iPhysics sind viele Funktionen integriert, für ein breites Anwendungsfeld in
Entwicklung, Inbetriebnahme, Produktion, Service und Vertrieb.

iPhysics versions and solutions

Die Simulationssoftware iPhysics ist modular aufgebaut und in verschiedenen Varianten
verfügbar. iPhysics bietet Software-Packages für die Planung, Tools für die Bearbeitung und
den laufenden Betrieb.


iPhysics: The software to realise your ideas faster

iPhysics Standard & Ultimate

The modular software system - tailor-made for your challenges


Standard ... iPhysics - 3D Simulation via Simulationssoftware von machineering.com

The package to start immediately. All central modules included - flexibly expandable with many options


Ultimate iPhysics, die 3D Simulationssoftware von machineering für Softwaresimulationen virtueller inbetriebnahme VIBN

Die Edition ohne Kompromisse. Alle Module & Erweiterungen im Paket – für maximale Performance.

Basic functions

Contained in both versions



  • Model visualisation
  • Sequence control
  • Model creation
  • AVI export
  • Conveying technology
  • Render Stream
  • Kinematic axes
  • CAD import
  • Continuous media
  • AutomationML export
  • Figure Sensors
  • JavaScript


Free to choose


CAD-Module Full integration into your SolidWorks system. The iPhysics data is fed back to the 3D model in your CAD software (you no longer lose any time with data transfer, making changes, etc.). They form functional, simulation-capable assemblies that you can use several times in larger layouts. SolidWorks layout and simulation always stay in sync. The integration is set to your CAD system, a SolidWorks license itself is not included in the scope of delivery. The offline buffer supports the user if he does not have continuous access to the CAD data. You work against a "snapshot of the CAD data".
PLC1-Module Connection with PLC from the manufacturers Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, B&R, Beckhoff, Bosch Rexroth, Bachmann and CodeSys via TCP / IP. Data transfer speed depends on the PLC platform. No emulation of the field bus systems.
PLC2-Module Parameterization of the interface to the Fieldbox for peripheral emulation in Profinet, Ethernet / IP and EtherCAT networks. Siemens world: Profinet IO and Profisafe, e.g. for the PLC series S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, Sinumerik 840DSL and SIMOTION. Siemens SimulationUnit support for Profinet and Profibus. PLCSimAdvanced connection for the VIBN of Siemens PLCs without real CPU, only for the Siemens PLC series S7-1200 and S7-1500. Rockwell world: Ethernet / IP Generic Device Emulation. Beckhoff and others: EtherCAT device emulation with drive technology This module is based on PLC I..
Robotics1 - Module With the help of the integrated robot library, generic inverse kinematics as well as path planning and simple programming for the available robots from ABB, Adept, Autonox, b + m, Comau, Denso, Epson, Fanuc, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Omron, SchneiderElectric, Staeubli, UniversalRobots , Yaskawa and other or generic kinematics can be used.
Robotics2 - Module Possibility of connecting various controllers from robot manufacturers, including KUKA OfficeLite, Staeubli CS9, Fanuc Roboguide, ABB RobotStudio, Mitsubishi and UniversalRobots. This allows the kinematics of the robot to be operated via the manufacturer project. Complete robot commissioning is possible digitally. This module builds on Robotic I.
Component - Module For simple model creation and optimal implementation of the VIBN, virtual models of various drives are stored, as well as models of sensors and special components such as gripping systems. The virtual models of individual components can be transferred to the simulation with just a few clicks, including the specifications such as the operating principle of sensors, the type of drive and the electrical connections. The library is constantly being expanded, currently in the library: AMK, Festo, Rexroth, SchneiderElectric, Schunk, SEW, Siemens, SMC, Weiss, as well as general CANOpen and ProfiDrive
IOT - Module OPC UA server interface for connecting other control, MES and HMI systems.
Developer - Module This API package is intended for development. With this standardized interface, additional applications and additional programs can be easily connected via C, C ++ or C #
Human & AGV - Module Navigation of vehicles (like AGV), forklifts or people through layouts. This module supports the planning of assembly tasks such as go to position A, grab and position a workpiece. The position of the person is controlled via a navigation plug-in. Animation of human movement via a new solver technique and robotics
Tip: With more than 4 modules, the Ultimate version is cheaper!
Floating International network licenses available for iPhysics users.
Standard ... iPhysics - 3D Simulation via Simulationssoftware von machineering.com
,- Euro


,- Euro
Ultimate iPhysics, die 3D Simulationssoftware von machineering für Softwaresimulationen virtueller inbetriebnahme VIBN
,- Euro


Working with planning results
mRuntime HIL & mRuntime RT

Use of simulation models for the PLC test or as an insert for a simulator for training purposes. Free parameterisation of the connection with PLC of the manufacturers ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, B&R, Beckhoff and Bosch Rexroth via TCP/IP possible. Integration of controllers via Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT or Beckhoff ADS possible.


Run and replay created simulations for tests and presentations, no connectivity to other systems

mTryout & mEducation

Higher education package for teaching purposes at universities, colleges & other educational institutions. The package includes a 2-day training for the training of one or more key users and a licence pool of up to 40 workstations. Also available as floating option (distance learning).

More efficiency with hardware & services
Use the Digital Twin in the control cabinet or as a high-performance simulation workstation. Available as XEON, GPU or server solution.

Use the FieldBox either on the desk or component in a test rack with connection to a real controller. Connected to industrial-Physics, FieldBox is only coupled to the computer or controller via plug and play and is immediately ready for use. The big advantage compared to classical virtual commissioning is that no resources of the simulation computer have to be used for field bus emulation. The complete field bus emulation is performed externally in the FieldBox. This means that changes to the PLC, which previously had to implement the ComTCP client in addition, are no longer necessary.


Stream a simulation into the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and walk around your machines while the simulation is running.


Stream a simulation to your Iphone and view the simulation in your mobile device or use the augmented reality mode to walk around the machine using your mobile phone.

Let our experts put together a turnkey test rack with controllers, digital twin hardware, FieldBoxes if necessary and other devices according to your requirements.

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Profit from our Know How

Service support for the creation of mechatronic simulation models. From simple simulation models to the complete virtual commissioning of your machines or systems, our experts from the application department will work on your project, e.g. in the field of simulation, robot and control technology.

POC / Proof-of-Concept

Our application experts with know-how in MCAD, robotics, control development and background knowledge in production and automation will guide you through the workshop. Together with your experts and based on your CAD data, a machine of your choice will be built and a simulation model will be created. You and your employees will experience live the handling, the workflow and the effort with our application.

Training / Education

In the defined training units, our application experts provide you with basic knowledge of our products (modules) as well as special topics in the field of mechatronic simulation, robotics and the connection of various controllers for subsequent virtual commissioning.


Our consulting experts work with you to determine the potential and, together with you, optimally align the use of iPhysics.

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