The conception and later the construction of mechatronic production sites is a highly complex process. For manufacturers and operators this process is linked to enormous risks in terms of time and costs. Running the machines for the first time might bring up surprises which can entail huge adjustment costs. Decisions were made in a small team and later on these decisions regard the whole mechatronic team who has to readapt the planning. There was no joint communication platform to deal with production development in one project.

iPhysics: Communication & virtual commissioning made easy

iPhysics is the right simulation software for automation in every field. Changes in the dynamic behaviour are immediately visible thanks to the physics-based simulation. Our software supports you in SPS, HIL and robot simulation thanks to its real-time feature. Virtual safeguarding reduces machine downtimes, enables model adaptations and makes you save time and money. 

Even after a finished machine construction, control optimisations can be simulated on running machines. Furthermore, new employees can be trained to master critical situations without affecting people or machines in the real world. In addition, iPhysics represents a cross-functional communication platform: Mechatronic engineers can coordinate and communicate every little change. Let us show you the benefits of iPhysics. You want to learn more about our program? We gladly have a first conversation with you. Get in touch with us!

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We recommend you a non-binding and cost-free presentation of our simulation via web conference. Our engineers are eager to show you how iPhysics applies to your special requirements. Invite your colleagues to join our conference. Like this, we can discuss the needs of your company.



Continuous Commissioning - also die permanente Überprüfung von Ergebnissen - führt sicher zum Ziel. Zu aufwendig? Mit iPhysics kein Problem.
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