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The user-friendly, flexible, and visual tool for virtual commissioning

iPhysics is a physics-based 3D simulation software that provides real-time capability for the virtual commissioning of mechatronic systems. The innovative simulation technology makes it possible to simulate complex systems and robots quickly and easily in addition to check test runs of the PLC programming created precisely.


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iPhysics is the comprehensive simulation platform that saves time while also improving quality and efficiency

Experience how, at a manufacturer of plants, the simulation software mPhysics ideally enables the virtual commissioning of complex mechatronic plants. It serves as a cross-divisional simulation platform for all process steps along the value chain.

Shorten the commissioning time

Reduce the commissioning time of your machines up to 75%.

Lower costs

Decrease the development costs by up to 50%.

Increase quality

Provide a better software quality by up to 45 % especially in the mechanical design and PLC programming

Shorten the total project time

Cut down the total development time by up to 15%.

Next-level digital engineering
with the performance benefit by iPhysics

The pioneering platform for virtual commissioning, with comprehensive engineering from CAD to PLC simulation to drive and robot simulation. It offers you numerous innovative features so that you can save valuable time and thus be more efficient in your development.

3D Simulationssoftware iPhysics virtuelle Inbetriebnahme VIBN
Design and simulation go hand in hand, directly and with no additional effort. Always simulate the newest development status of your machinery!

Simulation model derived directly from your CAD data

Visualize the virtual commissioning of robots with iPhysics. Decide to use internal kinematics or to connect to real robot controllers.

Industry robots just a mouse click away

It is easy to render the running simulation in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). Step into your running virtual machine.

Put on VR or AR glasses

iPhysics can be connected to a variety of PLCs. Test functionalities at a very early stage in the design process.

Connect PLCs

Thanks to industrialPhysics, engineers from different departments can already work together in the early stages. Check feasibilities and synchronize the work flow.

Synchronized engineering

iPhysics smoothens the whole process: from the first ideas to running systems and service cases at the end.

Process consistency along the value chain

The simulation model (Digital Prototype) in iPhysics from the basis for the Digital Twin. Its aim is to prevent failures on running machines and to pretest enhancements on existing instalations.

Generate a Digital Twin

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iPhysics is the number one simulation software for automation in all areas of business. Changes in the dynamic behavior of the system are immediately visible thanks to the physics-based simulation.
IPhysics  Simulationssopftware für eine virtuelle Inbetriebnahme