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Do you have trade fairs coming up? Is a run-of-the-mill trade fair booth without a real highlight just not your thing? Are you ready to make your company stand out from the pack? We have the answer: with iPhysics models, you will impress your trade fair visitors. Whether you choose a Powerwall with AR glasses, the iPhysics app or a transparent Oled screen – you are sure to stand out.

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Fly through your plant in 3D.

Easily display your entire plant on-site.

Dive deeper into your plant and experience it up-close.

A visual highlight for your presentation.

Guaranteed to wow customers

Thanks to the Powerwall, visitors can experience your plant on a 3D screen and can even “fly” through your machine. The glasses allow you to see exactly what your visitors see. Take your presentation to a whole new dimension.

The Powerwall was a huge hit at 2022 trade fairs. Do you have multiple models you’d like to display? No problem – switching between models is easy.

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Using AR with the iPhysics app

Display your machine right there in the exhibition hall – all you need is an iPhone or an iPad. This is an impressive way to create a virtual factory right at the trade fair.

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Experience more with the HoloLens.

Here, too, visitors can experience the running plant “up close” and take a deep dive into how it works.

All you need is the Microsoft HoloLens to display several iPhysics models.

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Oled display – take your trade show appearance to the next level

This transparent screen is an eye-catcher for your trade fair booth. It gives visitors a comprehensive 3D view of your plant. While you can’t interact with this model, it is an effective way to present a running 3D model of your system. Switching between several models is a breeze.

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