From Virtual Commissioning to Digital Twin

In many companies, virtual commissioning has become an integral part of the development process for new machines. And that’s for good reason: it is a wonderful way to harness potential and create savings in all areas of the company. Some companies nevertheless shy away from virtual commissioning, because it can seem difficult to quantify the actual benefits this technology offers.

In this webinar, we show you when and for whom virtual commissioning can be of benefit. In addition, we illustrate in which step of a process virtual commissioning can be used and how iPhysics works as a tool with various interfaces to different systems. Afterwards, we take a look at customer examples to illustrate how end-to-end virtual commissioning can be successfully implemented and what results these companies have achieved.

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Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone from production-related areas, system integrators and engineering service providers. It is also interesting for consulting companies and universities.

Price: free

Location: online – a link will be sent separately

Speaker: Dr. Georg Wünsch, Managing Director and founder of machineering GmbH & Co. KG

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