The digital twin – hype or real added value?


A close look at the digital twin

Everybody’s talking about the digital twin. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, everybody should get it. But why? Does the digital twin offer genuine added value or is it all just hype that will soon fizzle out? We’ve taken a closer look:

Many points speak clearly in favour of the digital twin, because with the aid of the virtual counterpart it will be possible in future to optimise the entire value-added process. Even during the efficient planning phase, all the data generated will be transmitted and will be available in real time. The uncomplicated virtual commissioning can also be implemented quickly and reliably with the digital twin. Later on, during the operation of the real plant, managers can rely on the digital twin – ideally in their own control cabinet. That results in trouble-free operation and short maintenance times. The digital twin shows its strengths in particular when it comes to maintenance. Everything is possible – from predictive maintenance and failure documentation including instructions through to remote maintenance with condition visualisation.

The options for work preparation on the machine are also extremely versatile. Look ahead with simulation, collision calculation and the virtual outlook with augmented reality directly on the machine – all of this is easy to implement with the digital twin. In addition, new business models can be developed in after-sales and the service area in a simple and practically oriented manner.

Together with the simulation technology, the digital twin can be implemented quickly and simply. These models not only form the basis of a successful development, but also provide genuine added value over the entire product lifecycle.

Our conclusion

The digital twin offers companies a great many advantages – flexibly and across all industries. In the future the digital twin will be a fixture with both the manufacturers and users of machines.

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